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Need Legal help

Find out how you can get help from a staff attorney or pro bono attorney. Find out the type of cases that we work, and how you can make an appointment.

 The Legal Services Clinic receives many requests for assistance. In order to most efficiently utilize its limited resources, guidelines have been established. They are based on the type of case, financial guidelines, as well as our resources.

General Assistance

  • We are not able at this time to reply to emails requesting our assistance. Our office is also not prepared to hand walk in applicants. If you have  an emergency, please call first at 407-900-2065.

  • Appoinment calls are taken Tuesday and Thursday from 9:00 AM until noon  and from 1:30 PM until 5:00 PM. An appoiment will be made for all  those who appear  to qualify for  our services.

  • Below we have listed areas of law that we handle. Please be aware that even if your case falls in an area of law that we handle, we may not be able to take your case due to limited resources.

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