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Joe Soler

Joe Soler was born in Santa Clara, Cuba, in 1967 his family immigrated in to United States where they settled in Orlando, Florida. José Graduated from High School at the Universidad de Montemorelos NL., Mexico in 1980 and return to Miami where he attended Miami Dade Community College, in 1987 José received his State of Florida Roofing Licence and worked in the industry along with his family. In 1990, José joined the Miami Herald in the production department and in 1998 became the production supervisor for the El Nuevo Herald Spanish Edition. In 2007 José decided it was time for a change and moved to Malaga Spain, where he live for 4 years. In 2011  José return to Fort Lauderdale where he worked for the House of Hope as Business Specialist.  In 2016 José return to Orlando to care for his elderly father after the transitioning of his beloved mother.

José is the current president of the Leadership Council of Orlando center for Spiritual Living and Roofing Divition Consultant for JMD Global Development.

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