About us:

Our Legal Services Clinic is bilingual and locally run. It has a local office in Orlando, Florida; and one in Osceola Court House. Our attorneys, licenced to practice law in  Puerto Rico and  in good standing, will be working for the Clinic under  a certification as issued by the Florida Supreme Court and under our Menbers of the Florida bar supervisión.


Provided high level and affordable services that compete

with local legal aid clinics and are culturally and linguistically competent. Additionally, we are commited to assiting attorneys that have  been displaced from Puerto Rico and interested in practicing law to find employment with us working under the supervisión of menores of the Florida Bar.

Anthony Suárez, Esq.

Central Florida Location:

513 W. Colonial Dr. Ste.#3

Orlando Florida 32804

"Because justice is for everyone"

Legal Services Clinic

Tel : 407-900-2065

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