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About us:


Our Legal Services Clinic is bilingual and locally run. It has a local office in Orlando, Florida. Our attorneys are licensed to practice law in Florida in good standing.

Our senior attorney is Anthony Suarez born in New York City of parents from Puerto Rico. He was admitted to the Bar in 1977 in New York and 1992 in Florida; he has had a varied career; as a trial attorney, counsel to the New York State Legislature, community activist, Member of the Florida State Legislature, United States Delegate to the Guatemala Peace Accords in 1996, Professor of Law, I need to Know Radio talk show host, Real Estate Agent, and Mortgage Broker. Attorney Suarez had tried hundreds of jury trials and argued dozens of cases before Appellate Courts thus he has had a wide experience in the law over the 47 years of practice. 

Attorney Andres Robles-Cruz was admitted to the Florida Bar in 2019. He studied at Florida International University, College of Law. His practice areas are Bankruptcy, Construction, Corporate, Real Estate, and Family Law. Andres is a young attorney with a great knowledge in law and a genuine passion to serve our community. 



Provide high-level and affordable services that compete with local legal aid clinics. We are culturally and linguistically competent. In addition, we are committed to assist attorneys that have been displaced from Puerto Rico and interested in practicing law to find employment with us working under the supervision of the Florida Bar attorneys. We believe that Justice is for Everyone; because of that; we are committed to protect our community rights, and providing high-quality services and educational courses.  We have two educational programs under I Need to Know Program, one dedicated to educate our community about their rights and responsibilities called the Justice Academy,  the other program is our CLE program for attorneys, providing free CLE courses required by law to renew their licenses, and also we provide them the opportunity for those interested to teach a class and enrich their careers and curriculums.  

Rebeca Arenas

Central Florida Location:

518 Peachtree Rd.

Orlando, Florida 32804

"Because justice is for everyone"
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