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Can you help us?

Whether you are an attorney or member of the public, you can help us. You can join a project, work in the intake, or help with cases. Please take the time to explore our website and find out more about us and how you can help.


Legal Services Clinic of the Puerto Rican Community, Inc. has been created to serve Central Florida residents through a combined staff and pro bono program. Members of the local bar, and the Puerto Rican Bar Association of Central Florida, took the lead in providing pro bono legal services by creating and supporting mandate pro bono policy for its members. Attorneys take two cases a year, participate in projects and contribute financially to the Legal Services Clinic.


Attorney volunteers that helps the Legal Services Clinic offer civil legal services in family, juvenile, housing, consumer public benefits, and other areas of law. In addition to the services of volunteer attorneys, the Clinic also relies heavily on non-attorneys graduates. These community volunteers provide invaluable assistance in interviewing the applicants, screening telephone calls for services, and also; participating in different special events and projects of our office.


A volunteer must be at least 18 years of age and able to understand and protect the confidence of those people serve through Legal Services Clinic. A background check may be require for some volunteer work. The types of volunteer opportunities available may depend on physical space considerations and the output of time the volunteer can offer.

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