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Roberto Vigoreaux Lorenzana

Vice President

Roberto Vigoreaux Lorenzana is a media personality. Son of remenbered TV producer Luis Vigoreaux and a former member of the Puerto Rico Legislature.


After studying communications at the University of Puerto Rico and Loyola University in Louisiana, he completes Avionics Maintenance Training at Lowry AFB in Colorado. This leads to a Position as Vice President of Sales & Service of Computerized Telephone System for Aconi Group in the mid 1980's.

Although Roberto made his acting debut in 1969 in the Walt Disney film entitled Cristobalito, it is in 1985 when he stars in a wide variety of Radio, TV and theater productions. Among his many credits, he co- starred in "Lo que le pasó a Santiago", the only Puerto Rican film ever to be nominated for an Oscar. 

In 2000, Vigoreaux suceed again in winning an election by a record marging, this time as Senator at large. In that position he served as President of the Department of Banking and Consumer Affairs, Vice president of the Commission for Municipal Government, Public Corporations and Urban Affairs, and Secretary of the Commission for International Federal Affairs.


Vigoreaux served as consultatf or the Senate of Puerto Rico on consumer issues, advised the Municipality of Humacao on Federal Affairs, organizes seminars on continuing education and produces & hosts entertaiment shows. Currently he works Advantege Medical Group a Primary Care provider established in Orlando Florida.

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